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  3-17-13 I ordered Pineberries from last year and planted them but the only two blooms we got died before ever becoming pineberries! How disappointing I am allergic to pineapple and was really looking forward to trying one just to be able to taste pineapple again! This year I transplanted them from my strawberry garden and placed them in one of my self watering 5 gallon containers and brought it inside back in mid February. Inside I placed them in front of a window that gets a good deal of sun and just today I found my first Pineberry bloom! Yeah! Can't wait to taste my first one! Sure hope I'm not allergic!
  I fertilize them with Miracle Grow All Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20) every 14 days and so far they seem to do well with that. (PS as of 3-26 I am fertilizing every 5-7 days because the plants are getting more blooms. I will let you know how it goes later)
  I'm beginning to wonder if they didn't get enough sun where I had them planted outside. I also have read though that they do better in a glass house like growing system and if they get too much sun it will cause them to turn a bluish-pink hue instead of the pale white. So we will see how they turn out. Reference :

This is my Pineberry bloom on 3/17/13

This is one of my Pineberry plants

This is a picture of what they should turn out looking like when ripe. Below is a link to Burpee's pineberries and their description of them.
Berries are white, ornately speckled with red seeds. The unique pineapple flavor and aroma more than make up for the small, bite-size fruits. Easily could be a kid's favorite mini-berry to pick and snack on.

Update: Today is 3/21/13 and this is two of my pineberry blooms! Looking so Pretty!

 Update: Today is 3/26/13 and this is one of the two pineberry blooms shown in the picture above after it has been hand pollinated. The flower petals have begun to die off leaving just a healthy beginning of a berry in the middle.

 As of today 3-26-13 we also have 3 new pineberry buds making a total of 5 now. Two in this picture and one more in the picture below.

Today is April 19th, 2013 and this is my largest pineberry! Isn't she beautiful?! The seeds are starting to turn a brownish/red color.

This is my Pineberry plant gone wild! They are just eating up the 11 hours a day of light and every 7-14 days of MG All purpose fertilizer.

This is a close up of all the new little buds on my pineberry plants! 4-19-2013

PS the original two pineberry blooms at the very beginning died. I'm unsure why. I have wondered if we damaged it with too many or too harsh hand pollination. We have gone more lax in our hand pollination and have a few deformed berries but some beauties also.

 4-25-13 We got to try our first Pineberry! is different for sure. Very tart and I really couldn't find the pineapple flavor. But it was fun and we can say we tried a Pineberry now! Mission Accomplished. Next on the grow edible exotics to do list is "Dragon Fruit."

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