Review of Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter vs DIY Self Watering Plastic Tub

Below is my video review on the topsy turvy hanging tomato planter. I also compare it with one of my DIY self watering containers that I have tomatoes planted in. 

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More self watering (SIP) planter options! For Cucumbers & Watermelon!

Below is my video showing you my flourishing cucumbers in their DIY self watering planters!
Below is the opening to the water reservoir (a milk jug) in my cucumber planter  
 Self Irrigating Planter (SIP) 

Strawberry Mignonette Blog

 I started trying to grow strawberry mignonette bushes from seeds last year. No success. This year I was determined to try again. So, I started out in small pots and then once they became seedlings I transplanted them to larger pots. It was truly the pot of death and despair. Not one seedling lived to tell the tale. So, I tried again with the same results. I decided I am going to try this one last time with one difference. I started them in the large pot so there would be no need for transplanting. BRILLIANCE! WALLA! The pictures below follow the growth of my Mignonettes : )

Hand Pollinating Indoor Strawberries & Pineberries

When growing indoor strawberries or pineberries you will need to hand pollinate them. In essence you will take over the responsibilities of the bees, wind and other elements that would normally pollinate your berries. Don't be frightened off it's really not very hard and as long as you don't have a ton of indoor plants not too time consuming.  Below is a picture of the basic knowledge you will need to pollinate your new flower buds.

Aaah! Snow is killing everything!

3-25-13 I woke up this morning to snow covering my freshly bloomed Forsythias and everything else. Gross! This is going to set me back on blooms, berries and all other good things. So, I started gathering buckets, blankets and bags to start the long process of covering everything for protection.

Drain Pipe Planters - Vertical Gardening

About a month ago I purchased some TerraTrade Drain Pipe Planters off of I got 2 sets of 3. Amazon has them for sale for 9 dollars for a set of 3 and if you spend 25 dollars you get free shipping so they are only 3 dollars a piece. I placed one Grape Hyacinth plant in each pot then hung them on our drain pipe. I did drill a hole in the bottom of each pot to drain water so the plants did not drown in a rain storm.

Indoor Greenhouse

So, yesterday my husband came home again to my "look honey at the project I did today" face! The nice thing is my husband loves growing things as much as I do, so we are good : ) Our strawberries and pineberries that are in 5 gallon buckets are all inside and have been since mid February. They are doing fabulous! They are doing so good we talked about not taking some of them back out once it warms up. We literally have over 30 or 40 strawberry buds blooming from our 6 buckets and 3 or 4 pineberry blooms from 2 buckets.

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