Grape Hyacinths Growing Wild

My husband and I found small purple flowers in our yard this spring and they were just so pretty I decided to transplant them next to my Hyacinths and Daffodils. We later went online trying to figure out what they were called. We searched and searched. We tried to Google numerous phrases such as "tiny grassy purple flower" or "small grass like purple bulb flower" and on and on it went. Finally I came across another ladies blog and she said they were Grape Hyacinths also known as Muscari which are members of the Lily Family! I was so excited! Yeah free flowers! Here is one website I found with lots of helpful information on these tiny little flowers, .
 In the picture below the Blue Hyacinths are in the front, then Daffodils, then the Grape Hyacinths in the back.

4-25-2013 After blooming, the flowers died and fell off and these seed pods took there place! Pretty neat looking! You learn something new everyday : )

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