Indoor Greenhouse

So, yesterday my husband came home again to my "look honey at the project I did today" face! The nice thing is my husband loves growing things as much as I do, so we are good : ) Our strawberries and pineberries that are in 5 gallon buckets are all inside and have been since mid February. They are doing fabulous! They are doing so good we talked about not taking some of them back out once it warms up. We literally have over 30 or 40 strawberry buds blooming from our 6 buckets and 3 or 4 pineberry blooms from 2 buckets.

We bought a Lithonia fluorescent shop light from Home Depot for only 13 dollars! It holds 2 40 watt T12 linear bulbs and does nicely. It had some good reviews online and some bad reviews, but mine has not given me any problems so far. The only thing I will warn you is that the tabs that the lights hook into need to be pulled out until they snap into place. At first I thought my light bulbs were the wrong size because they wouldn't fit, but the tabs just were not fully pulled out.
We placed the plants on a desk in our extra room next to a window that gets a decent amount of sun also so the light fixture is bonus on top of that.                                                               
This is the light bulbs we chose after doing some research online on the best color and lumen for growing plants. Here is the website that helped us the most .
6500k (Daylight) is what plants use to flower and 3000k (Soft White) is what plants use to grow greenery.

 I used hooks that were specifically made to hang things from ceilings, so my light wouldn't come crashing down on "the precious" strawberries : )
Yeah laugh that was funny. PS If you don't get it don't try too hard you won't get it.
 If you are wondering what the white PVC pipes sticking out of all my 5 gallon buckets are. Just go back to the first post on this blog and you will see how I made my self watering, SIP, containers using these and 1 gallon milk jugs.
These are the plants there isn't any room for inside so they will go outdoors as soon as it stops being so stinking cold! There is 4 strawberry buckets, 1 watermelon bucket and the raspberry will be transplanted into the ground.

Small fluorescent bulb hanging over my Big Boy Tomato Plant and my Super Sweet 100 cherry Tomato Plant : ) Which I also plan to keep indoors safe from bugs, birds and beasts.

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