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 I started trying to grow strawberry mignonette bushes from seeds last year. No success. This year I was determined to try again. So, I started out in small pots and then once they became seedlings I transplanted them to larger pots. It was truly the pot of death and despair. Not one seedling lived to tell the tale. So, I tried again with the same results. I decided I am going to try this one last time with one difference. I started them in the large pot so there would be no need for transplanting. BRILLIANCE! WALLA! The pictures below follow the growth of my Mignonettes : )

The picture below was taken on April 4th of the tiny tiny beginnings of life. I will label each picture below with a date so you can appreciate how unbearably slow these little guys grow!
 The above picture was taken April 4th, 2013
The above picture was taken April 19th, 2013
 The above picture was taken May 6th, 2013
 They have done really well in my indoor greenhouse environment : )
I have a light bulb specifically for my mignonettes to make sure they get enough light.
This is a more yellow light which encourages green growth whereas a whiter light encourages flowering and fruiting.

It is now July 12th and we have blooms on our mignonette bushes!YEAH! We also have two small green berries beginning to grow! It has taken love and a lot of effort but we are starting to see fruits!
 Look how large the plants have finally become!

 Our first berry in the making

 mignonette flower blooms

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